The Autobiography of Thomas Shepard: The Celebrated Minister of Cambridge, N. E. With Additional Notices of His Life and Character

Pierce and Parker, 1832 - 129 páginas

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Página 106 - O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself, but in me is thy help ; Hos.
Página 97 - The good Lord pardon every one that prepareth his heart to seek God, the Lord God of his fathers, though he be not cleansed according to the purification of the sanctuary.
Página 78 - He asked who maintained me all this while, charging me to deal plainly with him, adding withal that he had been more cheated and equivocated with by some of my malignant faction than ever was man by Jesuit, at the speaking of which words he...
Página 48 - And so we came thither through many uncomfortable hazards within thirty hours and cast anchor in Yarmouth Roads, which when we had done upon a Saturday morning the Lord sent a most dreadful and terrible storm of wind from the west, so dreadful that to this day the seamen call it Windy Saturday, that it also scattered many ships in diverse coasts at that time, and diverse ships were cast away.
Página 34 - So away I went.". Very naturally the young parson was at first somewhat dazed by the Laudean hurricane that had swept over him ; and two days afterward, he met half a dozen of his clerical brethren who " consulted together," as he tells us, " whether it was best to let such a swine to root up God's plants in Essex, and not to give him some check.
Página 78 - I'll be upon your back, and follow you wherever you go, in any part of the kingdom, and so everlastingly disenable you.
Página 70 - Thus God hath visited and scourged me for my sins and sought to wean me from this world, but I have ever found it a difficult thing to profit even but a little by the sorest and sharpest afflictions.
Página 22 - Rom. 12: be renewed in the spirit of your mind. In opening which point, viz., the change of heart in a Christian, the Lord so bored my ears as that I understood what he spake, and the secrets of my soul were laid...
Página 64 - The man was a scholar and pious in his life and enlarged toward the country and the good of it in life and death.
Página 105 - Conversion, discovering the Work of Christ's Spirit in Reconciling of a Sinner to God...

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