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407 every good man, to be informed vantages; even the effort, would that the Lord Lieutenants of the be honourable to our general chadifferent counties have, agreeably racter, and prove that religion and to the provisions of the act of par- virtue have yet unany zealous ad. liament, resolved to testify the same reverence for that sacred day, in training the people to the use of Extract from the Address of arms, for the defence of cur liber.

the Methodisis. ties and our most holy faith.

The (Wesleyan) Methodists, at The Society for the Suppreffion their late Conférence held at Manof Vice, consisting of a great num- chester, determined on an Address ber of the niost respectable Noble- to the Members of their Socieries men and Gentlemen, have lately throughout Great Britain, in which published a Report of their Pro- they point out their duty in respect ceedings to April, 1803; from to the public affairs of the nation. which we find, that the following After acknowledging the goodness Convictions liave been made, at of God to this country on former the instance of this body, viz. occasions, they express their obliProfanation of the Sabbath 440

gations to government as professors Vending obscene books and of religion. We insert the followprints

7 ing patlige:Riotous and disorderly

" We are also bound, by strong houses, &c. .

ties of gratitude, to our Sovereign Lotteries and little-gues 26

and his Government. Our humble Lruelty to animals

3 applications, in various distressing

cases relating to the prosperity of Total 487

the work of God among us, have “The foregoing statement includes been received by our rulers with an account only of actual offenders kind attention; and have produced brought to punishment, and of of. the happiest effects. fences actually suppressed; but the lately our government and legislacommittee reminds the members of ture have given very striking proofs the society, that to restrain vice by of the liberality of their sentiments, prevention rather than by punishment, The exemptions and other clauses was a primary and essential object in the late act of parliament for of the society. Of this object, the raising the Army of Reserve, and for committee has never lost sight; and arming the nation at large, which they have the satisfaction of stating, respect the public ministers of the that their endeavours, in this re- gospel, and the mode of training spect, have been attended with very the people to arms, are peculiarly considerable success; particularly favourable to the spiritual intereses in preventing violations of the. of the people of God. Loid's Day, and irregularities in

As we are well acquainted, brepublic-houses; and in checking the throu, with your conscientious it circulation of obscene books and tachment to the holy Sabbath of the prints, especially in seminaries of Lord, it may give you satisfaction, education, into which they had if we insert here the paragraphs in been most artfully introduced.”

the act of enrolment which refer The friends of religion cannot

to that point. but rejoice in every attempt to les- " And be it further enacted, sen the dreadful sum of rural evil That it shall be lawful for his Mão in our country; especially at a cri- jefty, by any order communicateit sis, when the most awtul provi- by one of his Majesty's Principal dences so imperiously demand na- Secretaries of State, tu order and tional repentance and retcrmution. direct the Lieutenant er Deputy Similar societies, under the auspi. Licutenants of any Couniy, to caue ces of the clergy and magistrates of the persona composed in the first, our principai cities and towns, might second, and third clasies or persons be productive of great national ad. enrolled for military service under

Eyen very

th's act, or any or either of thein, tend to be trained and exercised on in the respective parishes of such such other day in ihe week as shall Couny. or any of them, to be trained be appointed by the Deputy Lieu. and exercised in the lise of arms, as tenants of the subdivision whereia to his Majesty shall seem expe. such parish shall be situate, in lieu deit; and the Lieutenant or De- of Sunday for that purpose, under pity Lieutenantı, to whown any such and subject to all such fines and order shall be directeri, shut there. penalties for non sittendance and u on forth with order and direct the misbehaviour at such training and Deplity Lieutenants of the respec. exercise, as are by this act imposed tive subdivision of such County in in like cases on any other days of which any such Parishes shall be training and exercise: provided situate, to regulile the times and also, that no such person or persons places of exercise for such Parishes who shall be so excised froin being respectively and such Dernity Lieu. trained and exercised on a Sunday tenants slial cause such mien to be as aforesaid, shall be entitled to retrained and exercised two hours at ceive any suim of nioney under this the least on taci and every Sunday, act for being trained and exercised either before or after divine service, on such other day in the week as or on some other convenient day in shall be appointed in lieu thereof." the week, in England ; or any con- And now, Brethren, we inost venient day in the week to be

earnestly, and froin a full convic. appointerl, in Scotland, bervirenthe

tion of the necessity of the case, be. 25th of March and the 25th of De. cember in every year, &c.-And it

seech you to comply with the reshall also be iwwrul for the Deputy cheerfulness - and alacrity; fully

quisitions of Governinent with Lieurenant in their respective sub- using your privilege in this respect divisions, in any cases in which they to the Sabbati-day. may deem it expedient for the more

But, at the same time, we charge speedily and effectially Cit?ring into execution the provision of thus act,

you, in the name of God, to avoid to order and direct that such men

all public entertainments. Fre. shall be exercised on any other addi- quent not the ale-houses or taverns,

those nurseries of vite ard imtional day or days in the week, having due regard, in the regulation of morality; To strengthen our cauthe times and places appointed for bered, we repeat it, as you love that

tion, and to cause it to be remem- · exercise and training on such other adorable Saviour, who came to save day or days, to the general occupa his people from their sins, liave notions of the persons to be exercised thing to do with those places and and trained, so as to interteie as

works of darkness. little as may be with such occupa. tions.

N. B. The Conference directs, “ Provided always and be it fur. That a prayer meeting shall be held ther enacted, Thai where in Eng. in all our chapels on every Friday land any person or persons in any evening, in behalf of our nation, parish shall have religious scruples in during the present dangers and a regard to being trained and exercised fast shall be observed on the first on Sundays, and shall make oath Friday in every monthi. thereuf lefore any Deputy Lieute. pant or justice of the Peace (whicii An Address, sinilar to the above, oath such Deputy Lieutenant and has been published by the Disseni. Justice of the Peace respectively ing Ministers and others in the are hereby empowered to adinis neighbourhood of Kingston-uponnistr) all and every such person Hull; wito observed Wednesday. and persons shall be excused froin the 24th ult. as a day of public being trained and exercised on Sun. bunilation among theinselves. days, and from all fines by this

A prayer-meeting has been also act imposed, for non-attendance at instituted at Spa-fields and Zion such training and exercise ; fro- Chapels alternately, on Tuesday vided such persons shall duly at evenings,

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Christ. Fred. Rhesen, of Embeck, in the Electorate of k. s.

Nessrs. J. R. de P. Merian and Sory, Basle
Legacy by the late Mr. Robert Douglas, Kingsland Place

,30 Collection and Subscriptions from the Congregation of the

Rev. Alexander Steill, Kidderminster Rev. Mr. Hickman and Friends, Watsfield

7 6 Dividend of the Profits on the Edinburgh Missionary Magazine, for one year

13 6 8 A Legacy by Henry Poole, Esq. late of Woodford



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July 18, 1803. At a Meeting of the Trustees of this Magazine, the following Cases being regularly recommended, were admitted and re. lieved: Signatures. Denominations. Recommended by

£. S. d. Mrs. N. Establishment. Rev. M. Wilks. M. H. Methodist.

R. Hill. E. T. Ind pendent,

J. Boden.
M. T. Ditto.


W. Roby.
M. K. Ditto.

D. Bogue.
M. S.

G. Burder.

J. Townsend.

Dr. Williams.
S. M.

A. Fuller,




M. Wilks.

Dr. Ryland.
S. H.

A. P.

J. Townsend.
H. N.

T. Beck.

3 M. G. Ditto.

M. Wilks.
S. D.


5 D. Ditto.

C. Buck.
H. S. Presbyterian.

A. Fuller.

A. Waugh.




S. G

G. Burder
C. G. Ditto.

G. Lambert.

5 O

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We are informed that the Rev. J. Fowler's Chapel, at Edmonton, which has been considerably enlarged, will be re-opened or divine worship on Wednesday morning, September the gth, with a Sermo: by Mri Griffin, of Portsea.

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Tell the haughty fne that threatens, Oft has Britain bow'd before him,
Britons' God still rules the seas:

Mouri'd her crimes and sought her God :
He can raise the waves ør,still them, Oft the righteous' prayer has sav'd her,
Siok or save whene'er he please.

Oft has-tay'd th' uplifted rod.

Tell the wond'ring nations rour.d us, Now again we'll crowd his temple,
Pritons' God is still the Lord:

Bow the knee before his throne :
He is still our shield and buckler,

Plead the mercy he has promis'd,
In his name we draw the sword.

Plead the name by which he's known.

Britons' God !-ye shores resound it ;

Let ihs naine be echoed round:
Shout it till ogr foes shall tremblem
Plects and armits catch the sound !



[See p. 395 of this Mag.]

A CHILD of dust, a creature of a day;
A feeble frame, the best estate of man;

Rais'd from the earih, and forind of brittle clay,
His journey heru a shori contracted span.

In ev'ry stage of life we trembling stand,
Amid the vary'd scene exposid to death .

In num'rous ways he thruses his fatal hand,
Shuts ev'ry vein, and draws the vital breath!

This conqu’ring pow's, commission’d from the skies,
Aware or noi, consigns us to the tomb;

Alike it hur jes hence the rude or wise,
The hoary head, or flow'r of youthful bloom !

Nor does the gracious renovated mind,
Or useful lite, the great decree revoke :

These meeten us for pleasure's well refin'd;
They sanctify, but not remove the stroke.
Yon mournful sight, of grief a painful cause,

Consirms these truths in plaintivé strains of woe,
Alas! there Densbam les, a breathless corse ;-

A victim to the tyrani's fatal blow !
Call'd on a sudden from a world of sin,

Surrounding friends may well their loss deplore :
That congue, so late employ'd with work divine,

In silence seal'd, proclaims the truth no more.

Wiili zeal inspir'd, to spread the Saviour's name,
He publish'd of the gospel's joyful sound :

His theme, his constant theme, where'er he came,
Pardon and peace in Jesu's blood is found !”

His Spirit, now dislodg’d from comb'roas clay,
On Seraphs wings is kindly wasted home;

There, in the regions of eternal day,
The church uiumpbant joy to see him come!

Among the blessed, the celestial throng,
His much-lov'd Patron *, just arriv'd before,

Seems standing foremost with a rapt'rous song,
To hail him welcome to the blissful shore !

Oh, ye who witness’d their einploy of love,
Review their toils ! but while the wound you feel,

Be nor depress'd; our Jesus reigns above,
Head of his Church, and King in Zion still!

Ye honour'd few, who from the city go,
Each Sabbath-morn, to speak in Jesu's name † ;

Your cause, to Densham dear, his worth ye kaow,
His early tomb should n'w your zeal enflame.

This solemn call with others loudly join ;
Ah, what a train have late been call'd away!

Ye gospel heralds, hear the voice divine,
Your arduous work pursue while yet ’ris day.

O Thou, whose steps mysterious and profound,
No finite wisdom ever can explore !

May we, amidst the dire atliiction round,
Await thy will, and all thy ways adore !

But while thy various judgments are abroad,
And faj:hful servants thus are gather'd home,

We look to thee, for thou arı Israel's God;
Regard thy church, and let thy kingdom come! NULLUM.
Mr. Eyre.

London Itinerant Society.

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