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vantages; even the effort, would be honourable to our general character, and prove that religion and virtue have yet inany zealous ad


Total 487 "The foregoing statement includes an account only of actual offenders brought to punishment, and of of fences actually suppressed; but the committee reminds the members of the society, that to restrain vice by prevention rather than by punishment, was a primary and essential object of the society. Of this object, the committee has never lost sight; and they have the satisfaction of stating, that their endeavours, in this respect, have been attended with very considerable success; particularly in preventing violations of the Lord's Day, and irregularities in public-houses; and in checking the circulation of obscene books and prints, especially in seminaries of education, into which they had been most artfully introduced."

The friends of religion cannot but rejoice in every attempt to lessen the dreadful sum of moral evil in our country; especially at a crisis, when the most awful providences so imperiously demand national repentance and reformation. Similar societies, under the auspi. ces of the clergy and magistrates of our principal cities and towns, might be productive of great national ad

Extract from the Address of the Methodists.

THE (Wesleyan) Methodists, at their late Conference held at Manchester, determined on an Address to the Members of their Societies throughout Great Britain, in which they point out their duty in respect to the public affairs of the nation. After acknowledging the goodness of God to this country on former occasions, they express their obligations to government as professors of religion. We insert the following paffage

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"We are also bound, by strong ties of gratitude, to our Sovereign and his Government. Our humble applications, in various distressing cases relating to the prosperity of the work of God among us, have ith been received by our rulers kind attention; and have produced the happiest effects. lately our government and legisla ture have given very striking proofs of the liberality of their sentiments. The exemptions and other clauses in the late act of parliament for raising the Army of Reserve, and for arming the nation at large, which respect the public ministers of the gospel, and the mode of training the people to arms, are peculiarly favourable to the spiritual interests of the people of God.

As we are well acquainted, brethreu, with your conscientious attachment to the holy Sabbath of the Lord, it may give you satisfaction, if we insert here the paragraphs in the act of enrolment which refer to that point.

"And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for his Majefty, by any order communicated by one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, to order and direct the Lieutenant or Deputy Lieutenants of any County, to cause the persons comprised in the first, second, and third classes of persons enrolled for military service under

this Act, or any or either of them, in the respective parishes of such County, or any of them, to be trained and exercised in the use of arms, as to his Majesty shall seem expe. det; and the Lieutenant or Deputy Lieutenants, to whom any such order shall be directed, shall there. it on forthwith order and direct the Deputy Lieutenants of the respective subdivision of such County in which any such Parishes shall be Situate, to regulate the times and places of exercise for such Parishes respectively and such Deputy Lieu. tenants shall cause such men to be trained and exercised two hours at the least on each and every Sunday, either before or after divine service, or on some other convenient day in the week, in England; or any con venient day in the week to appointed, in Scotland, between the 25th of March and the 25th of De cember in every year, &c.-And it shall also be lawful for the Deputy Lieutenant in their respective subdivisions, in any cases in which they may deem it expedient for the more speedily and effectually carring into execution the provisions of this act,

to order and direct that such men

shall be exercised on any other additional day or days in the week, having due regard, in the regulation of the times and places appointed for exercise and training on such other day or days, to the general occupations of the persons to be exercised and trained, so as to interfere as little as may be with such occupations.

tend to be trained and exercised on such other day in the week as shall be appointed by the Deputy Lieutenants of the subdivision wherein such parish shall be situate, in lieu of Sunday for that purpose, under and subject to all such fines and penalties for non attendance and inisbehaviour at such training and exercise, as are by this act imposed in like cases on any other days of training and exercise: provided also, that no such person or persons who shall be so excused from being trained and exercised on a Sunday as aforesaid, shall be entitled to receive any sum of money under this act for being trained and exercised on such other day in the week as shall be appointed in lieu thereof." And now, Brethren, we be earnestly, and from a full convic. seech you to comply with the retion of the necessity of the case, be. quisitions of Government with cheerfulness - and alacrity; fully using your privilege in this respect to the Sabbath-day.


"Provided always and be it further enacted, That where in Eng land any person or persons in any parish shall have religious scruples in regard to being trained and exercised on Sundays, and shall make oath thereof Lefore any Deputy Lieute. pant or Justice of the Peace (which oath such Deputy Lieutenant and Justice of the Peace respectively are hereby empowered to adininiser) all and every such person and persons shall be excused from being trained and exercised on San. days, and from all fines by this act imposed, for non-attendance at such training and exercise; provided such persons shall duly at


But, at the same time, we charge you, in the name of God, to avoid all public entertainments. quent not the ale-houses or taverns, - those nurseries of vice ard immorality. To strengthen our caution, and to cause it to be remem adorable Saviour, who came to save bered, we repeat it, as you love that his people from their sins, have no thing to do with those places and

works of darkness.

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Christ. Fred. Rhesen, of Embeck, in the Electorate of L.





Messrs. J. R. de P. Merian and Sory, Basle
Legacy by the late Mr. Robert Douglas, Kingsland Place
Collection and Subscriptions from the Congregation of the
Rev. Alexander Steill, Kidderminster
Rev. Mr. Hickman and Friends, Watsfield
Dividend of the Profits on the Edinburgh Missionary Ma-

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M. H.

E. T.

M. T.

M. J.

M. K.

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M. S.

A. C.


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S. H.

A. P.

H. N.

M. G.

S. D.


H. S.

gazine, for one year

A Legacy by Henry Poole, Esq. late of Woodford

J. Y.




S. G
C. G.

Mrs. N.

Signatures. Denominations.


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Recommended by
Rev. M. Wilks.

R. Hill.

J. Boden.
W. Roby.
D. Bogue.

G. Burder.

J. Townsend.

Dr. Williams.
A. Fuller.

July 18, 1803. At a Meeting of the Trustees of this Magazine, the following Cases being regularly recommended, were admitted and re lieved:

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G. Burder

G. Lambert.

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We are informed that the Rev. J. Fowler's Chapel, at Edmonton, which has been considerably enlarged, will be re-opened for divine worship on Wednesday morning, September the 7th, with a Sermon by Mr. Griffin, of Portsea.

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Berti, pia udrel

Many storms our ship has weather'd, Ma- ny tem- pests shook her mast:

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