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267 culation in France, and will shortly The Seminary at Gosport, under be so in Italy. The necessity of Mr. Bogne ; and that at Rotterpublishing the Scriptures in those dam, under the care of the Society countries is proved, from the great there, contain the principal instrudifficulty which the deputation ments at present in view to be em. found in procuring a single copy of ployed in future missions. In the them at Paris ; and they are in- former, there are eight individuals formed that this is equally the case devoted to the service of our Lord; in Italy.

one of whom is adapted for the comThe Deputation having fully as- munication of evangelical instruc: certained, chat an energetic and evan- tion in France, others in India, and gelical ministry would be likely to one to the Jews. Of those in the be well attended and well supported Rotterdam seminary, sonje are qua. in France, they conceived that the liticd to strengthen the missions in establishinent of a Protestant church Africa, others to introduce new at Paris, would be productive of ones in the island of Ceylon. The the most beneficial effects. The inhabitants of this great island (upRev. Mr. Tracy, who was then wards of 100,000) who bear the there, was requested to continue on Christian name, and have been for the spot, to superintend the public several years destitute of religious cations, and to make enquiries re- instruction, were relapsing into hea. specting a suitable chirch. Infor- ' thenism ; but the Lord has in. nization has been obtained, which clined the heart of brother Ringel. proves the almost unlimited extent taube to seek out those wanderers, in which the Scriptures and Protest- and bring then back to his fold. ant writings may be circulated. At It will, doubtless, occur to those Besincon, in the south; and at Ar- who take a suitable interest in the ras, in the north, where, till lately, concerns of the Society, that the act no Protestants were to be found, complishment of these great and applications for Protestant ministers numerous objects will, unavoidably, and churches have been made, and occasion a very increased expendi. signed by 12,000 persons at the for- ture of its funds :-indeed, the dismer place, and nearly as many at bursements of the last year have the latter; and althcugh many greatly exceeded the income; it is churches have already been given therefore earnestly hoped, that the to the Protestants, goo congrega- bare intimation of the necessities of tions are still destitute, both of the institution, will produce that churches and pastors. Even in Bel. spontaneous liberality, which will gium, the same disposition appears. render a more impressive address on

Such are the extensive prospects this subject unnecessary. which Providence has opened; but, The Directors cannot conclude in proportion to the nagnitude of without expressing their satisfacthe object, is the necessity of prir- tion in the persuasion, that a just dence in the pursuit of it; and as concern for the honour of the Rethe measures of the Directors must deemer, in the conversion of the be regulated by the political rela. Heathen, appears to increase among tions of the two countries, they Christians; and their humble hope wait for further light upon this in- that it will gradually diftinse itself teresting matter, and pledge them- among all thechurches, and produce selves, that it shall meet that de. the most beneficial effects. With sin. gree of attention which is consistent cere satisfaction' they recognize the with the general concerns of the zeal and success ot' other societies Society, and especially with that re. aiming at the same stupendous ob. gard to the Heathen world which ject, earnestly uniting their common is its most prominent and appropri. supplications with the Christian ate object.

world at large, that the blessing of Having stated the measures which Heaven may attend them all. They have been taken during the last cherish the hope that these are all year, we shall briefly specify the effects of a Divine impulse on the objects which are upon their hearts inind, and a part of the arrangeto pursue hereafter,

ments of an infinitely wise and una

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erring plan, which has determined sirable season by every means in. the ultimate renovation of the our power, we cheerfully refer the world after a long season of dark- `event to Him who has reserved the ness, depravity, and disorder, and times and the seasons in his own is now introducing the dawn of that hands; who presides over the vast glorious period which is the favour- concerns of the universe ; and who ite theme of prophecy, and the can command all its powers, intelgrand consolation of the Christian lectual or material, to accomplish church, While we endeavour to his pleasure and fulfil his word. proinote the approach of this de.

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MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, Rev. Mr. Bogue and Congregation, Gosport

. 54 7 Mr. Lambert and Congregation, &c. Hull

42 Robert Green and Congregation, ditto

3 Subscriptions and donations froin Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

by Mr, John Dobson Rev. G. Townsend and Friends, Ramsgate Jos. Surinam and Friends, Chesham

S 50 Mr. Walker and Friends, Peppard, Oxon. : A Society of Private Christians, at Leslie, county of Fite, North Britain, by Mr. Robert Nicholsoq Bedford Union. had been compensated by new open.

ings in others, with prospects of The seventh General Meeting of

greater success. No hindrance had, the Union of Christians at Bedford, in any instance, resulted from the was held on Wednesday, the 27th diversity of sentiments professed by of April; and the whole of the ser. the various denominations which vice performed at the Great Meet. had united for the purpose of bringing-house. Mr. Fuller, of Ketter. ing the ignorant to a knowledge of ing, introduced public worship, in Christ. ihę forenoon, with prayer; Mr. Mr. Foster, of Biggleswade, Hill, of Surry Chapel, preached on treasurer of the Union, stated the Cor, ix, part of 22d and 23d ver. receipts and expences of the past

I ain made all things to all men, year; which afforded a hope of ex. that I might by all means tending the means of usefulness. some; and this I do for the gospel's An affectionate and animating ad. sake.” Mr. Farey, of Bluntishamn, dress to the Union of Christians, in Cambridgeshire, concluded with from the last ministers' conference prayer. The menibers and friends at Herrnhut, in Germany, was read of the Union re-assembled before by the secretary; and likewise an three, P. M. for conference. Mr. answer, which had been prepared Hill began with prayer. Mr. S. by a committee, and was approved Hillyard, of Bedford, secretary of by the assembly. Several resolu. the Union, read a Report of Tran- tions were then proposed, and unşactions during the last twelve animously adopted. The business inonths; from which it appears, was conducted, and closed with that the exertions of the nenibers, prayer, by Mr. Greatheed, as vice, to maintain public worship in about president of the Union, in the una, 100 towns, villages, and hamlets, voidable absence of the president. were continued with unremitted as- Public worship was resumed at siduity; and, through the blessing six. P.M.; Mr. John Hillyard, late of God, with increasing evidence's Missionary in Newfoundland, began of spiritual usefulness in most with prayer; and Mr. Nicholls, of places; notwithstanding some efforts Kimbolton,' in Huntingdonshire, which' had been made to oppose preached from Matthew xxviii. 30, the progress of the gospel. Its re- lutter clause; and concluded with proval from sonic of the villages prayer,


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269 The attendance at this Annual person a member for life.-11. That every Meeting was more numerous, espe, subscriber shall be entitied to two thirds cially by mimsters of various deno. of the amount of his subscription in pube minations, than on any preceding lications; and that the remaining one-third occasion; and the impression made be at the disposal of the committee.—111. by the solemn services

was cvi. That persons becoming members for life, dently powerful and extensive. Mr.

be entitled, for every donation of ten gui.

neas, to the same amount in publicatioas Hill had preached at Hadham Cross,

as subscribers of one guinea per annum. Royston, Duxford, Camberton, and -1V. That the committee for managing Potton, in travelling from London, the affairs of this socieży, consist of subto Bedford. On the evening pre. scribers of half a guinea and opwards, and ceding the General Meeting, he members for life.-V. That the commit. preached in the Moravian chapel, tee meet at six o'clock in the evening, oa at Bedford ; and, on the following, the second Monday in every month, at again at the Old Meeting. On his Mr. Baller's, in Wine-streei: that the return to town, he also preached at meetings in March, June, September. St. Alban's. It is hoped that his

and December, be open to the subscribers visit will be followed by perinanent held on the second Monday in June ; on

in general; and that an anocal meeting be and important benefit to many. which day a sermon shall be preached, a

collection be made, the accounts audited, Bristol Society, for promoting and a treasurer, secretary, and con mirtce Religious knowledge,

chosen for the year ensuing.–VI. That

the committee consist of twenty one pero The objeet of this benevolent in

sons, including i he treasurer and secretary, stitution, is to distribute, gratis, five of whom shall be coinpetent to act. amongst the “ignorant, and them

Committee for the year 1803.
that are out of the way,” a variety
of smalt. Tracts, on the most im-

Mr. William Dighton, Rev. J. portant religious and moral sub- Ryland, D.D. Mr. J. I. Baker, jects, As it is their intention scrile,

Rev.T. Roberts, Rev. John Sharp, pulously to avoid whatever is pe

Mr. T. Bonville, Rev. John Hey, culiar to any distinct community,

Rev. Sam. Lowell, Mr. Meshach they freely invite o all who love Brittan, Mr. Henry Browne, Rev. our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity,"

T. Grinfield, Mr. Thomas Stock, to co-operate with them in this la- Mr. Wm. Ariel, Mr. T. Roberts, bour of love. In this design they

Rev. J. Swertner, Mr. ArthurTo.
are encouraged, by the good effects zer, Mr. H. O. Wills, Mr. Joseph
which are continually resulting from Dear, and Rev. Henry Page.
a similar institution in the metro- Andrew Pope, Esq. Trédurer.

T, V. Meech, Secretary.
I. That every awyal subscriber be con-

Subscriptions are received by the sidered a merabir ; and a donation of ten

Treasurer, and by the several Memguincas, os upwards, shall constitute a bers of the Commitree,

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Serenin Oposed, azt

The Associate Meeting of Mi. Belpar; and Shaw, of Ilkeston, en:
nisters of the Independent denomi- gaged in prayer. The public ser
nation of YORKSHIRE, DERI Y- vices were well attended, and great
SHIRE, and NoTTINGHAMSHIRE, harmony prevailed among the ini-
was held at Melbourne, Derbyshire, nisters. The next Meeting will
April 5 and 6, 1803. Mr. Dawson, be held in Queen - street chapel,
of Sheffield, preached on Tuesday Sheffield, June 28 and 30, as the
evening, froin Heb. xii. 6; Mr. Bó- Annual Examination at the Mese -
den, of Sheffield, on Wednesday borough academy will take place
morning, from Heb.x.35; and Mr. on the latter day.
Gawthorne, of Derby, on the same
evening, from Phil. ii. 1- Mese. The Ninth General Meeting of
Ellis, of Barnsley; Gawthorne, of the LINCOLNSHIRE and Nor:

nd clomit catlieed,

109, in the

the propostes

in Hill Oundantes Vr. Michaels funtingtones thew Dar, conduidelik


'TINGHAM Association, was held, after which, Mr. Thompson, of April 27, at Alford. The preceding Billinghay, delivered a discourse evening Mr. Woodward, of Pinch- from these words,'' So we preach," beck, delivered a discourse on John 1 Cor. xv. 11; Mr. Bean, Minisvi. 45. Wednesday morning the mi. ter of the place, concluded with an nisters met as usual for prayer, and address to the people, and prayer. the arrangement of business. In The next meeting is appointed to the morning-service, Mr. Clark, of be held at Swineshead, Sept. 28. Brigg, prayed, and read a suitable Messrs Clark and White to preach portion of the sacred Scriptures; · on that occasion. Mr. Smelle, of Great Grimsby, delivered a discourse on Rom. v. We are informed that the Inde. 10; and Mr. Trolley concluded pendent Association of KENTISH with prayer. The commentoration Ministers will be held at Mr. of the sufferings and death of the Goodwin's Meeting, åt Lenham, blessed Redeeiner was then cele- the Wednesday after the first Sabo brated by the associate ministers, bath in July next.

Mr. Podmore, their friends, and the church, - In of Tunbridge ; Mr. Parnel, of Canthe evening - service, Mr. Wood. terbury ; and Mr. Gore, of Sandward prayed; Mr. Griffith, of Lin- wich, are expected to preach cn ooln, preached from Eph. i. 7. that occasion.


The Rev. R. Freer, late of Lon- lips should keep knowledge," &c.; don, having received an unanimous Mr W. Strang, of Newton - Doug. call from the church and congrega- las, proposed the usual questions tion at Uxbridge, Middlesex, was, to Mr. Boas, and offered up the on Tuesday, April 12, set apart for ordination-prayer ; Mr. E. Dobbie, a public avoval of the same.


of Kirkbean, give the charge to Hudson, of West Bromwich, began the minister, from 1 Tim. iv. 16; the services by reading and prayer;

and Mr. J. Lawson, of Dinnfries, Mr. Torling, of Arlington, gave preached from Deut.i. 38. the introductory discourse; the intercessory prayer was offered by Mr.

On Wednesday, March 9, the John Brown, of London; Dr. Du

Rev. W. Scamp was ordained to the can, of London, delivered a chaise pastoral office over the church of to the minister, from Ezek. ii. 17.

Christ at Havant, in Hanipshire, After which a sermon was preached

Mr. Styles, of Cowes, began the

service with prayer and reading to the people by Mr. Matihews, of Whetstone, from Deut i. 38, who

the sacred Scriptures; Mr. Cox, of concluded the services of the morn

Fareham, delivered the introduc. ing by prayer. In the evening, a

tory discourse, and asked the ques. double lecture was preached by. tions; Mr. Griffin, of Purtsea, ofMr. J. Brown, from 2 Tim. ji. 10;



the ordination - prayer, and by Mr. T. Jackson, of Stock

which was accompanied with the well, from Rom. xv. 33. The ser. laying on of the hands of the inie vices of the day were well attended.

nisters who assisted in the work, as

a testimony of their approbation of MARCH 8. The Relief Pres- their younger brother, and expresa bytery of Dumfries ordained the sive of their fervent wishes for his Rev. W. Boug to minister in holy prosperity and success. Mr Bogue, things, to the Relief-congregation of Gosport, his tutor, delivered the at Castle Douglas. Mr. Ď. Laingcharge, from 2Tim. iv. s,“ Do of Wamphray, began the service by the work of an Evangelist.” The praise, prayer, and reading of the general and intercessory prayer was Scriptures ; Mr. W. Auld, of Pen- then presented by Mr. R. Adams, poni, preached an excellent sermon, of Winchester ; Mr. J. Adams, of from Mal. ii. 7, “ For the priesis Salisbury, preached to the people,


271 from Eph.iv. 1, 2; and Mr. Wiall, is from the kind benevolence of a of Portsea, concluded the solemn friend in London, whose partner in service, by imploring the Divine life is a native of the place. Mr. blessing on the transactions of the Scisson, of Stafford, began with day. - In the evening, Mr. Den reading and prayer ; in which he sham, of Petersfield, prayed ; Mr. was followed by Mr. Small, of Bir. Bennett, of Romsey, preached from mingham; Mr.Grove, of Walsall, 1s. xxviii. 16, 17; and Mr. Hunt, preached from Mat. vi. 18. – In of Titchfield, closed the public the afternoon, Mr. Smith, of Wola worship of the day with prayer. verhampton, began with prayer Mr. Scamp's labours have been al- Mr. Mosely, of Hanley, preached ready blessed in several instances; from Haggai ii. 9.-- In the evening, and there is a prospect of success. Mr. Morton, of Birmingham, beChapel opened.

gan with prayer; Mr. Harrison, of

Beckberry, preached from Acts MAY 3, 1803, a small neat chapel xvi. 17. In future it will be supwas'opened at Brewoodl, in Stafford. plied by different ministers who shire. The whole expence of which have kindly offered their services.

Ministers engaged to preach the Lord's Day Evening Lecture,
as the Meeting-House, New Broud Street, London:
1803. 1803 1803.

1804. Rev. Mr. Thorp April - 3 July

31 October

2 Jan. Hughes



15 Dore

Collison May 1 August 7 Nov. 6 Feb.

ş Booth


13 Townsend

19 Dr. Rippon


26 Mr.Brooksbank June 5 Sept.

4 March


18 Newmail man


25 N.B. May 29, July 31, Oct. 30, and Jan. 29, will be supplied with

ininisters provided by the managers.

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4 Dec.

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On Sunday morning, the 24th of nearly 16,000 children under inApril last, a Sermon was preached struction, and that they are enat St. James's Church, in Picca- gaged in publishing an edition of dilly, for the benefit of the Royal 10,000 copies of the Old TestaHunane Society, by the Bishop of ment in Gaelic. Gloucester, from Ps. cl. last verse,

During the past month, consider. "Let every thing that hath breath

able attention has been excited by praise the Lord.'' After which a

the visit of Dr, Hawker to the met Collection was made of urwards of tropolis, in order to preach for sevecighty pounds.

ral public Charities ; on which ocMAY 8, the Red W. Jay, of casions some of the largest churches Bath, preachei at Surry chapel, have been found inadequate to conbelore the Corresponding Board in

tain the multitudes which have London, connected with ihe Society thronged to hear hiin. We have the for propagating Christian Know. pleasure to add, that the Doctor in. ledge in the Highlands and Islands in iends shortly to publish a Journal Scotland, when a handsome collec. of this benevolent excursion, with tion was made for the charity. some account of the various chari

By the prinied Accounts of this ties' for which he has pleaded so Society, it appears that they have successfully.

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