The Tryal of the Witnesses of the Resurrection of Jesus

John Whiston and Benjamin White, 1765 - 112 páginas

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Página 59 - ... before us ; in common affairs, where nothing is asserted but what is probable and possible, and according to the usual course of nature, a reasonable degree of evidence ought to determine every man ; for the very probability or possibility of the thing is a support to the evidence, and in such cases we have no doubt but a man's...
Página 61 - A man who lives in a warm climate, and never saw ice, ought upon no evidence to believe, that rivers freeze, and grow hard, in cold countries; for this is improbable, contrary to the usual course of nature, and impossible according to his notion of things.
Página 74 - I fhall fee in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thruft my hand into his fide, I will not believe.
Página 60 - ... and regular method of her operations ? If a man tells me he has been in France, I ought to give a reason for not believing him ; but if he tells me he comes from the grave, what reason can he give why I should believe him ? In the case before us, since the body raised from the grave differed from common natural bodies, as we have before seen, how can I be assured that the apostles...
Página 66 - And whoever so far reflects on his own being as to acknowlege that he owes it to a superior power, must needs think that the same power which gave life to senseless matter at first, and set all the springs and movements a-going at the beginning, can restore life to a dead body. For surely it is not a greater thing to give life to a body once dead, than to a body that never was alive. In the next place...
Página 5 - Consider, sir, the gentleman is not to argue out of Littleton, Plowden, or Coke, authors to him well known; but he must have his authorities from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John : and a fortnight is time little enough of all conscience to gain a familiarity with a new acquaintance...
Página 66 - Methods to which I am not conscious; that my Blood moves in a perpetual round, which is contrary to all known Laws of Motion, I cannot but think that the Preservation of my Life, in every Moment of it, is as great an Act of Power as is necessary to raise a dead Man to Life; and whoever so far...

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