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Blackburn, contrl-Ghen Dailid was a case in whi
the determination of the voyage by the destruction of the

master was compelled by the enumerated sections to incur expe
the present me the attempt is to charge the underwriters with
incurred before the termination of the voyage, and no more ch

them then the extra provisions of the tree, or the entra
tear of The Hope occasioned by the prolongation of the roy
when the construction of the policy. The assured are
in adventure which subjects them to all the ordinary risks
of png, and also to those liabilities which are i
by the diferent sections of The Passengers Act, 1852. The

policy which if it had stopped at the end of the printe
have been imperative, as the passage-money, having been

ld not well be lost by any of the perils enumerated in the policy. But a memorandum is added, "subject to ch time made under sects. 47 to 51 of The Passeng

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Compensation clause excepted), and against thes

The meaning is that, if by one of the perils enumerated in the policy, the vessel is thrown into such a position that incur a fiability, then, if the liability is imposed by one of rated sections, the underwriters will indemnify against it;

If this be the true construction, the first count is oby for its ls under any of the sections. But times the seed count, and on the pleas. Under At the master shall make to every adult during the

time of detention, if any, at any port or place) of such vorage," an allowance of provisions. firm of the contract is prescribed: it is in Schedul the master engages that the passengers shall be vi nge and the time of detention at any place be ing to the subjoined scale, for the sum of £ elability arising from those non-enumerated se lability arising from the contract, that th sport the passengers at Fayal; not under an the numerated sections. It is argued that, if the d, the sul would under sects. 49 and 50, nt and supported the passengers. But le repsille for a liability under one of th by get of the master; the contract is c el by the asal perils enumerated i d that the evasal might at the end of pages on. That does not app davit the assent of the passe

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