No Such Thing as Luck!: A Biblical Perspective

Johnston Publications, 2005 - 297 páginas
Do you need luck by your side to have great success? Many feel that good and bad luck are active powers influencing life! Johnston says No Way! Life is never influenced by luck. His book: * Alerts people to luck¡¦s idola- trous nature.* Proves that luck is not a source of prosperity. * Takes the romance out of destiny¡¦s meaning. * Eradicates beliefs about luck, chance, fate and fortune.* Teaches the tremendous value of separating truth from error and how to do it! * Explains in vivid detail the origin and development of luck¡¦s meaning, pinpointing its beginning.* Shows how a Roman goddess named Fortuna established the modern meaning of fortune and how luck became a lady.Deceiving beliefs and teachings about luck, fate, destiny, lot, fortune and chance abound worldwide. After reading Johnston¡¦s book, no one need fall prey to these cleverly devised concepts with their crafty meanings.

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Excellent!!! Am very grateful to find this most informative, well written text.

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No Such Thing As Luck – a Biblical Perspective Author: Charlie P. Johnston Jr. Johnston's professional career includes the pastoral ministry, secondary education, and business. He received his pastoral training at Norman Park Junior College, William Cary College, and the Bible Institute at Graceville, Florida. His early ministry centered on serving rural churches in the southeastern United States. He has hosted a lively family oriented Bible fellowship from his home for over thirty years. The fellowship's purpose is to provide practical individual instruction in how to openly manifest God's power. His teaching career includes secondary instruction in history and government and occasionally guest teaching appearances at Biblical Research Colleges in Kansas, Indiana, and Ohio. He enjoys the teacher's task. Johnston's business activities are numerous. In 1974, he established the operation of the Real Clean Window Company – a national window cleaning firm. Later he headed up Environmental Structures Company – a research operation to develop free form monolithic home construction. He has operated a sawmill, owned a restaurant, and sold insurance. His last business was Toner Tech Cartridge Service that specialized in re-manufacturing consumable supplies for the business machine industry. Mr. Johnston continues to teach his biblical fellowship from his home in Jackson County Florida. He invested two years into researching and writing No Such Thing As Luck – a Biblical Perspective. His excitement and enthusiasm about this subject are fully evident. He is readily available for guest appearances, lectures, and interviews. No Such Thing AS Luck can be purchased on the web at or by phone (850) 592-8769.

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