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Christianity as old as the Creation:




Religion of NATURE


he were i.


Eft autem jus naturale adeo immutabile, ut ne quidem a Deo mutari po-
Grot. de Jure Belli & Pacis, 1. 1. c. 1. §. 10. n. 5.
The Gentiles, which have not the Law, do by Nature the Things contained in the
Rom. ii. 14.
God is no Respecter of Perfone has in very Nation, he that feareth him, and
worketh Righteousness is accepted with him..
Acts x. 34, 35.
Proinde perfectam illam Religionem quæ. Chrifti prædicatione nobis tradita eft,
non Novam aut Peregrinam, fed fi verum dicere oportet, primam, folam, ve-
ramique effe liquido apparet.
Eufeb. Eccl. Hift. 1. 1. c. 4. Valefius's Tranfl.
Res ipfa quæ nunc Chriftiana Religio nuncupatur, erat & apud Antiquos, nec
defuit ab Initio generis humani, quoufq; ipfe Chriftus veniret in carne; unde
vera Religio quæ jam erat, cœpit appellari Chriftiana.

Aug. Oper. To. 1. p. 17. c-- Retra&. 1. 1. c. 13.
The Religion of the Gofpel, is the true original Religion of Reason and Na-
And its Precepts declarative of that original Religion, which was
as old as the Creation,


Serm. for prop, the Gofp. in for. Parts, by Dr.Sherlock, now 3p.of Bangor, p.10, & 13.
God does nothing in the Government of the World by mere Will and Arbitra-
The Will of God always determines itfelf to act according to the
eternal Reason of Things. All rational Creatures are oblig'd to govern

themselves in ALL their Actions by the fame eternal Rule of Reafon.
Dr. S. Clark's Unchang. Oblig. of Nat, Relig. Edit. 4. P. 47, 48, 49.



Matthew Tindal



Printed in the YEAR, MDCC XXX,



Age 10. Line 9. for abfurd, read a great Mistake; and Line ib.

after Obligation, add of moral Duties. p. 16. 1. 3.

in the


Margin, read 1 John 4. 19. p. 68. 1. 6. for Agreemens, read Agree-. ment. p. ib. 1. 7. add which, at the Beginning of the Line. p. 156.. 1. 14. for Legiflator, read Legislature. p. 227. 1. 29. in the Margin, for Serm. 77. read Serm. 74. p. 254. 1. 3. at the Beginning of the Paragraph, for ONE, read SOME. p. 270. 1. 21. the Parenthefis ftands the wrong Way. p. 287. 1. 20. for Papift and Mahometan, read Papift, or Mahometan. p. 299. 1. 17. at the Beginning of the Paragraph, for Ir the Religion of Peafants, read IF, fay they, the Religion of Peasants, &c. p. ib. 1. 31. for Ir in the earliest Times, read IF, add they, in the earliest Times, &c. p. 347. 1. 4. for Must Men, read Muft not Men, &c. p. 355. 1. 4. uch the Comma's thus "at the Beginning of the Line. p. 414. 1. 23. dele And before the

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HE Author of the following Sheets,

makes no Apology for writing on a Subject of the laft Importance; and which, as far as I can find, has no where been fo fully treated: He builds nothing on a Thing so uncertain as Tradition, which differs in moft Countries; and of which, in all Countries, the Bulk of Mankind are incapable of judging; but thinks he has laid down fuch plain and evident Rules, as may enable Men of the meanest Capacity, to distinguish between Religion, and Superftition; and has represented the Former in every Part fo beautiful, fo amiable, and so strongly affecting; that they, who in the leaft reflect, muft be highly in Love with it; and eafily perceive, that their A 2



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