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is need of the divine revelation may have the favor of this God is in the fcriptures, notwithstanding my ardent prayer.

God's goodness is discoverable from nature. This therefore is not a weapon in the hands of deifts

Yours, &c.



T is obfervable that in the


but against them. It is confuting A tribute of praife to the Holy them upon their own ground. It is acknowledging their premises and drawing a conclufion from them to their own destruction. This God, my fon, is my greateft joy. When I meditate on his character my feelings are in harmony with thofe expreffed by the Pfalmift and verfified by Dr. Watts.

works of the Deity there is a beautiful progreffion. They are continually advancing to a higher degree of perfection, or to the completion of the idea of the divine mind, which comprehended all his works from the beginning. One event brings on another, that a third, and fo on in endless fucceffion, all verging to one grand point, all rifing higher and higher, bringing more clearly into view the glorious character of the great Author.

The works of creation were defigned as preparatory to the ftill greater works of providence, as the defign of building a house is that it may be inhabited. The works of providence contain a feries which no finite being can com prehend. By creatures they muft neceffarily be viewed in parts more or lefs detached, yet they conftitute one great whole, like fo many links of a chain infeparably connected, or like the parts of a great building, all framed and compact

"Were I in heaven without my God. 'Twould be no joy to me; And whilft this earth is my abode, I long for none but thee." What can be more lovely than a being of perfect rectitude poffeffing infinite power and wifdom? It is impoffible for him to do wrong. He will accomplish the best ends. He will be influenced to this by his goodness, and his wisdom and power will enable him to do it. There is perfect fafety in his hands. O, my fon, if you wish for happinefs, love and confide in him. Renounce all other Gods and unrefervedly give yourself up to the Lord Jehovah. The holy fcriptures hold forth abundant motives for this. But without fcripture, even from na-ed together with the most perfect ture, you have evidence enough fymmetry and firmness. It is the that it is your duty and that this is fame God, the fame infinitely pera ground of holy confolation. fect and most glorious Being who Without delight and confidence in is difplayed through the whole. this God, you may seek reft but will find none. If you do not fet tle down in awful fecurity, you will spend your life in fruitlefs enquiries, will be perplexed and diftreffed, like the troubled fea that cannot reft, and when you die you will have no God, no glorious difplays of divine beauty, and no ground of eternal joy. That you

As the work of creation was preparatory to the works of providence, of which redemption is the chief, fo the work of redemption as wrought out by the Son incarnate, was preparatory to the work of renovation or making all things new by the Holy Spirit. As God created the world to be a theatre for the great work of redemption,

fo the Son of God affumed our nature, obeyed the law, fuffered and died, that there might come forth a new and more beautiful creation by the Holy Spirit.

When the perfons of the Trinity are diftinguished in their operations, the great work of making effectual application of the benefits of the Redeemer's purchafe, is manifeftly attributed to the Spirit. It is God the Spirit who arrefts finful men in their ftupid and mad career down to eternal ruin, who convinces them of fin, and after effectually humbling them, ac. quaints them with the things of Jefus and leads them to embrace the Saviour. Thus by faith he conftitutes a vital and most bleffed union between perifhing finners and the Lord of glory. As the Spirit regenerates or begins the work of fanctification, fo he effectually carries it on under all circumstances thro' life, and at length prepares the happy fubject for glory complete and ineffable,

It is the glorious character of the fame God which fhines in creation, redemption and fanctification. But in redemption and fanctification, with the greatest poffible brightness. Hence we read of the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the faints. This aftonishing work of grace on the hearts of those who were chosen by the Father in Chrift Jefus and fore-ordained unto eternal life before the world began, which is daily carrying into effect by the Holy Spirit, is the crowning point or grand iffue of all the operations of the Deity of which we have any knowledge. And when it fhall ftand forth in all the perfection of Jehovah we may reft affured its glory and beauty will far furpafs all which the eye of man hath feen or his heart conceived.

In order to this, every chosen veffel must be gathered in and rendered perfect both foul and body in the glorious likeness of the Saviour All the members must be perfectly conformable to the head, must be brought into the most intimate union and be filled with all the fullaefs of God, as his fpiritual, living and moft glorious temple, in which he will delight to dwell forever and ever.


Since then the operations of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of finners are fo glorious to the Deity and fo happifying to man, they are worthy to be recorded and had in everlasting remembrance. there joy in heaven over one finner that repenteth? Is the event viewed as of fufficient importance to be published thro' the heavenly world and doth it caufe the holy angels and faints in glory to rejoice; and fhall it be overlooked by the church militant? Verily fo important is every inftance of faving converfion that it is worthy to be proclaimed thro' heaven and earth, and to be celebrated thro' everlasting ages.

In this view authentic narratives of the revival of religion, or of the wonderful operations of the Holy Spirit in one place and another, are to be perufed and contemplated with pleasure. They are to be viewed as a tribute of praise to God, and when thus offered up by thofe who love his appearing, they muft afcend as fweet incenfe before his throne. They are the echo of his effectual call, and reflest back to himfeif the glory of his grace, which he is pouring into the veffels of his mercy.

They exhibit to the world the moft inconteftible evidence of the reality, excellence and importance of religion. As they are most powerfully calculated to awaken, convince and convert perifhing fin

ners, fo perhaps no means are more frequently blessed to this


They are eminently calculated to quicken, edify, comfort and fupport the Lord's people. As their hearts are bound up in the profperity of Zion, fo no news can be to them fo refreshing. In this way they become extenfively acquainted with what God is doing in the earth. Their hearts rejoice and they give glory to God. By intelligence of this kind exhibited of late in Rippon's Baptift Register, in the London, Miffionary, and Connecticut Evangelical Magazines, how is the revenue of Divine glory increased, how many thousands of Chriftians are made acquainted with the moft gracious and wonderful works of the Spirit, and with thofe dear brethren and fifters whofe faces they never faw in the flesh! What a foundation is thus laid for thofe delightful perfonal interviews among the redeemed, recognizing each other and recapitulating their particular hiftories, or the dealings of divine mercy in bringing them feverally home to glory; which may probably occupy no fmall portion of the firft ages of a bleffed immortality!

The writer is aware of an objection which may be raised to an encouragement of publications of this kind, viz. There is fuch danger of impofition, and fo many fpecious appearances prove abortive, that it is more prudent to leave all these matters in an undigefted mafs, and wait the decifion of the great day. In anfwer to this objection, it is to be observed, that tho' no man can pretend with infallible certainty to determine the heart of another, yet thefe aftonishing changes are manifeftly wrought by the power of divine grace, which fatisfy the mind of

every believer, and hardly admit of a doubt. Now fhould we forbear to notice fuch inftances because poffibly we may be deceived in fome, we fhould neglect to acknowledge the finger of God when moft confpicuous, and undoubedly grieve the Holy Spirit. For if God the Spirit be indeed operating upon the hearts of fome of the children of men in the manner fuppofed in this essay, it manifeftly calls for the most grateful acknowledgments and the fublimeft praife of heaven and earth. Should thefe hold their peace the ftones would immediately cry out. Undoubtedly he defigns to make his own efficiency fo confpicuous in these operations that those who do not acknowledge him, must be fealed up under the condemning fentence of unbelief. Undoubtedly there are genuine marks by which a true work of the Spirit of God in the revival of religion in any place may be known, a denial of which would be very prejudicial to the caufe. It would be yielding a point highly gratifying, no doubt, to infidels. But fo long as there are any remains of the precious faith of God's elect on the earth, this point will never be conceded. It is ever to be remembered the present is a state of great imperfection. The wheat it must be confeffed it little in bulk to the chaff, but blessed be God, there are fome kernels, and for thefe we never can be fufficiently thankful. In the exercifes of the foundeft converts or the beft faints on earth,there is a mixture. There will be falfe and impure affections mingled with those which are genuine, but fhall we on this account throw away the whole? God forbid. Wherefore let God be praised for all his wonderful works, but

above all, for the gracious operations of his Holy Spirit. PHILO.

How a perfon becomes juftified by faith?


and the remarks upon it, are fubmitted to the Editors of the Connecticut Evangelical Magazine.

IF you fee fit, please to give a the following a place in the Mag



O perfon is juftified before God, for the fake of any merit there is in his faith; though it be, in the gofpel, a fixed term of pardon, reconciliation to God, and of eternal life; yet these precious benefits and inestimable favors are not bestowed upon any of the finful human race, for the fake of any merit there is in faith.


the gofpel, we are repeatedly faid to be juftified by faith; but no perfon is from thence to conclude, that any one is juftified, for the fake of any merit there is in faith; but by it (faith) as an inftrument and means, in fpecial ordained of God as the believer's union to

Chrift, and intereft in the faving bleffings of his purchase: as the righteousness of Chrift (the refult of both his active and paffive obedience) is the fole meritorious caufe of the believing finner's juftification, as faith is appointed of God as the inftrument and means of believers in Chrift becoming united to him, and interested in his righteoufnefs (the only meritorious caufe of juftification, and of all the faving bleffings of the cov enant of grace) in this fenfe only, I apprehend, any can be faid to be justified by faith.


Matthew iv. 5, 6.

"Then the Devil taketh him up into the holy city, and fetteth him on pinnacle of the temple, and faith caft thyself down for it is written, unto him, if thou be the Son of God, he fball give his Angels charge concerning thee, and in their hands they fhall bear thee up, left at any time thou dash thy foot against a ftone."

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'N this affault on the Son of

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God, the grand adverfary was more artful and plaufible, than in all his other temptations. He transformed hmfelf into an angel of light, in coverfing with Chrift upon the decrees. He admitted the dochimself down, because it was writtrine in full, and urged him to caft ten, or decreed, that the angels bear him up in their hands, fo that fhould have charge over him, and he could not at any time dafh his feet against the stones. The plain import of his reafoning with Chrift upon the decrees, was this :"You profefs and claim to be the Son of God. I challenge and demand the proof. For if you tend to be the Chrift, you must make this high profeffion, and prefhow a fign from heaven, or excharacter and claims. Now if you hibit convincing evidence of your be really the Son of God, and not an impoftor, you will acknowledge this obligation on yourself, The decrees of God, your profef and comply with my propofal.fed father, fhall be the criterion, to try, whether you are in reality his Son. These are eternal and

Satan's perverfion of the decrees and immutable. If God, by his abfo

promifes of God.

THE following statement of Satan's reafoning upon the decrees

lute and unchangable decrees, owns you for his Son, the matter will at once be decided. In his holy word, this particular decree

as you even begin to defcend, the angels will inftantly appear, eafe you in your paffage down, and gently reft your feet upon the ground." Thus reafoned Satan the grand deceiver, upon the decrees, which he faid, were written and revealed in the bible. But he reafoned no more abfurdly from the doctrine, nor perverted fcrip ture any more, than many of mankind do, at the prefent day. The following are their statement and reafoning upon the decrees."God hath abfolutely and unalterably decreed and fixed all events and things from eternity to eternity, and hath unconditionally elect ed to falvation, all thofe, who will finally be delivered from the wrath to come: Therefore, if we are to be faved, we fhall be faved, let us live in fin, or do as we please ; but if we are to be damned, we fhall be damned, let us do what we may."

is written and revealed concerning | heaven, earth, or hell; but as foon the Meffiah. "He fhall give his angels charge over him, and in their hands they fhall bear him up, left he dafh his foot against a ftone." Now prove, by fulfilling this everlasting decree, that you are the Meffiah. Caft yourself down from the pinnacle; and if the angels come and bear you up in their hands, I muft believe and acknowledge, that you are the Son of God. This will be full and demonftrative proof, be your own witness, and the witnefs of God, your Father, to your profeffion and claim to be the Chrift. His honor and your own, are equally concerned in the manifeftation of your perfon and character. You cannot reasonably refufe to comply with the propofed trial; for it is obligatory on you to exhibit evidence of your divine miffion; proof of your claim to be the Meffiah, or otherwife, you ought to be confidered and treated, as a vile impoftor. If I were only in your fituation, and there was fuch a decree concerning me, I fhould not refufe to fatisfy any one in fo proper and reasonable a requeft, but should be pleafed myfelf, to have my father acknowledge me for his Son by his eternal decrees. I should not hesitate in the leaft, to take the flight; for whatever God has decreed and fixed, he is neceffitated to fulfil in the minuteft particular. He cannot lie; and therefore, cannot break his own abfolute decrees. You need not indulge the leaft diftant apprehenfion of danger in cafting yourfelf down. The angels will as certainly come, and bear you up in their hands, as the everlafting and un-ling to be fatally deceived. Chrift, changeable decrees of God are certain of accomplishment. Thefe decrees never were, and never can be broken by all the powers in

The decrees of God, they flate juftly; but the conclufions, which they draw from them, are abfurd. They reafon upon them in a fimilar manner with Satan, the subtle adverfary; and anfwering lim, will equally anfwer them. The following remarks will show the deception and fallacy of Satan's reafoning with the Son of God upon the decrees.

1. The reasoning was his own, and like himself. He is a liar and deceiver, the father of lies, and the truth is not in him. Since his fin and rebellion against God, his conftant object has been, to deceive. This liar from the beginning, is not to be credited, unless we are wil

our example and pattern, did not believe Satan, nor comply with his temptation, which is a clear proof, that his reafoning upon the

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