Tribulation and Last Days

Trafford Publishing, 2003 - 168 páginas

The author uses the Bible prophecies and his interpretation of their meanings to establish Dana and Bernice Rogers as characters that have missed the Rapture.

After being warned of the consequences of being left behind by a friend, he told them that they should not receive the Mark of the Beast they may have a chance to reach Heaven but they will have to go through the Tribulation seven year period.

The Russians returned to Communism after a few years of Capitalism decided to renew the U.S.S.R. by recapturing the countries the once had under their control plus a few others like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Israel would be next.

The United States objected and was trying to get the United Nations to do something about it. Russia decided to shut the U.S. up, they fired atom bombs at the largest U.S. cities.

Dana and Bernice had to go underground to keep from having the Mark forced on them by the government and decided to move from their home in Kansas to an area clean from the radiation that was in the area.

They were told to go to North Dakota, which was clean and out of the radiation area during this time the antichrist came into power creating a one world government that developed from the United Nations.

Due to high crime rates the Antichrist imposed the Mark on everyone, if they didn't accept they would be executed.

Dana and Bernice had to go underground to escape receiving the Mark and they had to find a way to live this way for seven years of tribulation.

They had a feeling they had to move and find others that were unmarked and decided to go to the mountains and provide their own food because you could not buy food without the Mark.

Their journey across country had many problems and were captured a couple of times and by some miracle were able to escape and eventually arrived on the north coast of California where they met others that were being gathered by Angels awaiting for the return of Jesus and the final battle that would be fought to destroy Satan and the Antichrist.

The battle occurred and Satan and those that received the Mark of the Beast were cast into hell. Dana and Bernice were eventually accepted by Jesus in the new world and had to work as Angels because they missed the Rapture. At the end of a thousand years Satan would be released and try to capture more people. Dana and Bernice along with hundreds of other Angels had the task to prepare some protection from Satan that would attempt to win them to join Him.

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Acerca del autor (2003)

Richard L. Jones grew up in Belleville, Kansas during the Great Depression. He contracted odd jobs in his preteens and worked with his Dad who was a building contractor and Minister of his own church in Belleville. Richard gave his heart to Jesus when he was a youngster and believes in Him as his savior.

Richard loved flying and while in High School spent every penny on flying lessons and received his private license during that time.

When he graduated he joined the Navy and was assigned to the Amphibious forces. His ship was sent to Hong Kong to support the U.S. consulate during the Communist take-over of mainland China in 1949.

During his tenure in Hong Kong, the Korean War started and his ship was ordered to Japan to prepare for the Inchon Landing of September 15, 1950. They landed the Marines 1st Division on Wolmi-Do in the morning and in the afternoon were control vessel for the Inchon Landing. Later they were assigned to the East coast of Korea and made many raids destroying bridges and tunnels supporting British Commandos and Underwater Demolition teams.

He returned to San Diego Naval Hospital due to injuries received during this time. After eight months he was medically discharged from the Navy.

In 1952 he joined the Northrop Aircraft Division in Hawthorne, California. He worked for them as an executive in the Manufacturing Engineering Operation supporting Design Engineering in developing new technology for future aircraft.

Upon retiring Richard moved to Colorado and established a Manufacturing Engineering Consulting company, worked for the U.S. Census Bureau and many other tasks to keep him busy. He loved to write so now he is trying to use some of his memories since he can no longer do physical labor. His first novel, "China Sunset," was also recently published by Trafford Publishing.

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